Design Service


Poliform Kiev provides the client with an opportunity to work directly with one of our trained design professionals. Our hands-on turnkey services will guide you through the conceptual phase of the project to its completion. Our services include: field verification, space planning, drafting technical drawings, sketches, renderings, as well as color and material guidance. In addition, we offer onsite project management to ensure the highest quality delivery and installation.


The initial consultation provides the client with a "ball park" estimate for the project. Unless the client already has architectural drawings or some rough sketch of the project, at this stage the designer gathers information to create an estimate. If needed, the designer is able to visit the site for a better understanding of the project. During the initial consultation, options, finishes, budgets, and general overview of the project will be discussed and evaluated in order to provide an accurate estimate.



At the next stage, a more detailed interview with the client is conducted in order to understand the specifics needed for the project. The designer makes sure that personal preferences, work habits, and storage needs are taken into consideration for preparing the individual floor plans. The designer works closely with the client, often visiting the space if necessary, and providing professional guidance on the selections.
Once the designer has all the information, he or she will work on an accurate estimate of the total cost of the project, including delivery and installation.


Once the client is completely satisfied with the design, the client and Poliform sign a detailed contract and the order is placed with the Poliform factory in Italy.


After the order is placed, the production and shipping time is about eight to fourteen weeks depending on the project. The Poliform designer then stays in touch with the client updating them on the progress and delivery time of their order. Once the product arrives, Poliform professionals deliver and install the project at the client’s home with installation times varying based on the scope of work.